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Off the Street: The Old Patron Bottle

In Decorating, DIY, objet trouve, Saturdate on September 24, 2011 at 4:26 pm

On the way back from the farmers’ market this morning, we spotted an empty Patron bottle on the street. Frankly, in our neighborhood, this isn’t all that rare. Our streets are littered with last night’s booze. Still, I looked at it, and maybe, it looked at me. We sized each other up, and I envisioned it holding a small bouquet. I promised Pete I’d boil it, and we took our objet trouvé home. We dumped out the dregs, scrubbed her up, and now she’s ready for a spot on the nightstand. Of course, she’ll never look as swanky as this work of art, but she’s good enough for our little Hobbit hole.

What’s your piece of unconventional decor, and how it’s wind up in your place? Share it below!