Adventures in Just-Married Life

Celestial Chili, Almost

In Cooking, Recipes on September 25, 2011 at 9:34 pm

Tonight we stumbled across the Cooking Network show Hook, Line & Dinner. This is probably a blessing and a curse. Pete LOVES seafood. He also loves cooking shows. It’s not unusual for us to spend a Saturday morning watching America’s Test Kitchen. The best part is, he actually tries to make some of the recipes, and because he’s so much more patient than I am, they turn out really well.

As Ben Sargent pulled Maine lobster out of the pots and prepared it for steaming, Pete lauded the great Bug of the Sea and its greatness above its sea-living kin. “The best part is, there’s enough meat on it that you can just get a mouthful of lobster,” he said. “You can take a bite, close your eyes, and see St. Bonaventure and all the saints watching you eat.”

How’s that for endorsement?

It may not have been the beatific vision, or seafood at all, for that matter, but we did make darn good chili tonight for dinner. Even though it was a muggy, sloppy day outside, it still seems like the weather is trying to morph into Fall, so it only seemed right to break out the Le Creuset and make a batch of Cafe Latte’s Chicken Salsa Chili.

This chili was a staple in my St. Paul diet, and I miss it. A lot. So, we did our best to channel Grand Avenue and whipped it up. It tastes like the real deal, and it made our Sunday night. It also made me miss the cakes at Cafe Latte, which are responsible for 90 percent of the freshmen fifteen at the local colleges.


Off the Street: The Old Patron Bottle

In Decorating, DIY, objet trouve, Saturdate on September 24, 2011 at 4:26 pm

On the way back from the farmers’ market this morning, we spotted an empty Patron bottle on the street. Frankly, in our neighborhood, this isn’t all that rare. Our streets are littered with last night’s booze. Still, I looked at it, and maybe, it looked at me. We sized each other up, and I envisioned it holding a small bouquet. I promised Pete I’d boil it, and we took our objet trouvé home. We dumped out the dregs, scrubbed her up, and now she’s ready for a spot on the nightstand. Of course, she’ll never look as swanky as this work of art, but she’s good enough for our little Hobbit hole.

What’s your piece of unconventional decor, and how it’s wind up in your place? Share it below!

Why ‘newlywedding’?

In Just Us, Romance on September 24, 2011 at 3:18 pm

The simple answer? It’s what we’re doing. We were married in the middle of an ice storm on New Year’s Day, and after several months of marriage, we’re starting to figure this thing out. It’s bliss, with blisters.

The complex answer? Like most (all?) Catholic couples, we tried our best to prepare for marriage. We met with our priest. We took a compatibility test. We went on a retreat. In the midst of invitation-addressing, caterer-booking, and wedding-dress shopping, we strove to focus on our impeding marriage, rather than the wedding hoopla. And for the most part, we succeeded. Sort of.

The day after the wedding, we packed two suitcases and flew from Minnesota to San Juan, honeymooned in the Old City for five days, and then flew to Washington, D.C., where Pete is a grad student. It was January, and I’ll I had was a bag of kitchen utensils and sundresses! Sundresses!! In January!! I didn’t have a job, and we didn’t have an apartment. For the first month, lived every 8-year-old boy’s dream — we slept on an air mattress in our “fort” — a combination of a tension-rod, wire, and hung bedsheets — in the corner of a friend’s living room, until we could find and move into our own apartment.

Now that we’re nearly nine months in, we’re getting the hang of being married. But we’re also realizing that marriage is not only something someone does, but something someone LEARNS to do. No matter what advice you were given, classes you took or tests you aced before the wedding, there’s going to be a learning curve. We’re getting better (hopefully) at married life and are hoping, you, dear readers, want to join us for the adventure as we share cute ideas, common pitfalls, and the little bit we’ve picked up along the way.